Thanks for finding your way to my page. My name is Mark Lovell and I am a British freelance sports journalist specializing in German football - offering features, previews, translations, match reports, blogs, ratings, podcasts, live opinions, reaction, punditry, transcription and interviews. After two decades in Germany, I speak the language fluently and also decided to become a German citizen. With years of betting industry experience and expertise, I provide insightful market analysis and betting previews.


I write in English for a wide variety of print and digital clients including ESPN, BBC Sport and Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster. Equally comfortable in a broadcast setting, I'm a regular live TV and Radio guest on international platforms such as CNN WorldSport, TRT World, TalkSport and Sirius XM. I take a special interest in Bayern Munich and aim to touch on the burning footballing issues of the day, providing the kind of insight you only get by travelling the stadiums of Germany and Europe.


Please take the time to browse my website where there's links to a selection of my work. Your feedback is vital to me - good or bad and rest assured, I'd be delighted to hear from you via Twitter / Facebook or contact me at mark@lovelllowdown.com with story ideas or assignments. If you want to catch up on some of my latest writing, check out my work for ESPN as Bayern Munich correspondent, including an exclusive interview with formidable striker Robert Lewandowski.




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