About me

  • Bilingual Sports Writer
  • German Content Writer @ Atlanta Falcons
  • Freelance Football Commentator @ Bayern Munich / FC Bayern München
  • Former ESPN Bayern Munich correspondent
  • Player Care Qualification
  • German Football expert
  • Bundesliga Betting / Expert Picks
  • UEFA Accredited Football Journalist 
  • Editor / Translator European Championships Munich 2022
  • Freelance Translator / Fluent German Speaker
  • Former Russian Linguist - Royal Air Force
  • Former Bayern Captain ..... at cricket
  • Former Head of Media & Communications European Cricket Network
  • Member German Journalists Association (DJV)
  • Member Munich Sports Journalists Association (VMS)


Born in Devon, I share my birth year with the momentous occasion in Mexico when England's reigning World Cup holders were knocked out by Germany in extra time. Thus began my "Lovell" affair for the Bundesliga and German football.


Football Fascination:

My introduction to Bayern Munich was as a 5-year-old boy when they triumphed over my elder brother's beloved Leeds United in the European Cup Final. A significant portion of my '80s sticker books was dedicated to the iconic permed haircuts of the era, including the legend, Kevin Keegan, gracing the Bundesliga with Hamburg (HSV) at that time.


Cold War Witness:

After intensive Russian language training with the British Royal Air Force, I moved to Berlin, where I served as a Russian linguist for nearly six years. During this time, I witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. As a football enthusiast, I frequented Tennis Borussia and Hertha BSC in the German second-tier and explored the changing German capital to the fullest. 


Transition to Journalism:

After completing my service with the Royal Air Force (RAF), I embarked on a career in journalism. Starting at the Tavistock Times in Devon, I was on the path to becoming a correspondent, possibly even for my cherished Plymouth Argyle. However, life had different plans, leading me back to Germany, specifically Munich, in 1997. At that time, Munich was home to both 1860 Munich and Bayern Munich, with Unterhaching in the suburbs providing its own surprises.


Versatile Career:

While gaining extensive experience in finance, stockbroking, and agricultural data research, I've been dubbed a "Germanophile through gritted teeth" by my wife. From football icons to political leaders, I've covered a vast spectrum during almost three decades in Germany. I've had the privilege of witnessing unforgettable moments at German stadiums.


Cricket Enthusiast:

Beyond my family, I have a passion for cricket and worked as Head of Media and Communications for the European Cricket Network. As Munich Cricket Club's record run scorer, I co-founded the MCC Website and captained the club for many years. I've also ventured into cricket commentary for Eurosport in German and captained Bayern against the prestigious MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) of Lords.


Golf Aficionado:

While my golf game has significantly regressed from my youth, I still enjoy the occasional round. Sadly, the four handicap I once boasted is now a distant memory.


Embracing Germany:

With Brexit prompting me to apply for German citizenship after over two decades in the country, I find it increasingly challenging to leave Germany. However, I promise to return to England as soon as "The Three Lions" secure another elusive World Cup trophy and/or Plymouth Argyle reach the Premier League. It's surely only a matter of time...


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